All photography provided by Mauricio Escobar

Since seeing my first aerial photo my desire has been to take images that were once only available to those with a camera inside a large manned aircraft. Those days of dreaming are gone and the landscape has forever changed. With the FAA's licensing I'm capable of providing commercial photographs and video of angles that were not possible in recent history.



The desire to provide professional film services that include a  UAS, along with studio quality editing of material.  We are glad you found DroneXposed. Unsure where to start? Tell us what you Think you want, and we'll get you what we're Confident you need :) to communicate, decorate, document, thank a client or donors.

You are one of the most thorough and professional drone pilots around.
— -Chief of security, USA Oil Gary Walters

What I PRovide MY clients

  • FAA approved and insured remote unmanned pilot since 2016
  • Pilot with over 300 hours of operation
  • Real estate Photography for MLS listings 
  • Property surveys with vertical maps and oblique landscape imaging
  • Aerial Video tours 
  • Action Sports Videos
  • Kinesthetic imagery for training
  • 3D mapping
  • Grade and historical erosion property study.
  • Live event coverage streaming
  • Photogrammetry
  • Airspace Consultation
  • Drone operation workshops
  • Pilot training
  • Bilingual