Socal MX series event from April 23rd @LACR

Socal MX Series just wrapped up it's winter race season last week, but I can't help but throw back to that day. It was filled with high energy, high octane , and high spirits. The crew at Socal MX Series is a great group. The off season will bring opportunities to mend injuries as the summer seasons gets ready to gear up in June. Hope to see you at the opener for the summer series to be held at LACR June 18th 2017

SocalMx Series stop at LACR April 23rd 2017

Visiting Camping World SCV

The team at Camping world gave us the opportunity to capture the their  beautiful flag on a day where the green growth was visible. We're thankful for  what mother nature has brought this year and the chance to capture it all. We wouldn't be able to appreciate these views without out military and vets that protect our freedoms.

Camping World Santa Clarita

Weekends are for flying , and this weekend we were invited to visit AV motoplex . The weather was an obstacle to the days events , but made the most of it with a becoming familiar with the track and its personality. Thanks to Robert and Brandi Lundin at AV motoplex for having me as a guest . Great track .  

March 4th @LACR.MX

I was at LACR this past weekend to catch Saturday's riders.   The weather seemed really cooperative with lightly overcast skies for the mid morning. Always a friendly staff at LACR.  Had the plesaure of meeting Jordan and his pup. Great team even better rider.


We had the opportunity to follow Jordan around the track he made it a challenge to keep him in frame most of the time with his quick throttle control. nice job Jordan.